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the freestyle family

I'm new to this world of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) completely, having never heard of "Tough Mudder" competitions other than seeing friends on social media crawling on their hands and knees through nets, with massive smiles on their faces. I've never wondered why they do it, how they get started, how they keep motivated and get strong. But with the new obstacle course coming to the farm, I'm having to learn what this is all about. 
Opening in August 2018, the team will be training on authentic terrain, hopefully giving them an edge against the competition. And there's going to be opportunity for others to train here too, we have a small campsite and will be able to offer short stays for training. Mark is raring to go, eager to train the next champions of the Freestyle Family as well as folks like me just out there to better their fitness levels. Are they your tribe? Are they your people? Read on.
To tell you about Team Freestyle, I thought there'd be n…

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